Hello World!

I have put off creating a blog for a long time now. A blog has been one of those items on a long to-do list of mine that just hasn't been started. It is so easy to say "oh I'll just do that later" but too often I and others never do these scheduled things.

So why start one now? Well first of all, I love building stuff. I figured there's no better time to create something than the present. There will always be a good reason to put something off. However, over time those reasons will become better and better. As I grow older, I'll have more responsibilities, commitments, and because of that, less time in the day to do stuff on this to-do list of mine.

Of course life needs balance. It's usually not healthy to just build stuff all the time. For that reason, I have developed a method to pursuing these tasks on my to-do list. Instead of spending all my free time, I have started to re-allocate time that would usually have been spent doing something else by myself. Some examples of this include: in the early hours of the morning, and the late hours of the night. Now these tasks become a fun part of my daily routine instead of extra tasks to be put aside.

It's better to work smarter than harder. Allow me to elaborate; by using this approach to time allocation, I am learning to work more efficiently due to increased motivation. This increase comes from a few areas. First off, I usually have a clear head at these allocated times. Secondly, it is very quiet. But most importantly at these times, I am most excited for the future. In the morning I am looking forward to plans I have in the afternoon/evening. Similarly, at night I am eager to start the next day based on my progress from today.

My biggest weakness lies from taking time to perfect my projects and my understanding of them. By learning to work in these short bursts, I am weakening this weakness. In this upcoming 2A term in Computer Engineering, I'll have 2 days in the week where I'll spend 8 hours on campus for lectures. Include 2 hours for the breaks between lectures and also for lunch and dinner, that means I'll be on campus for about 10 hours on some days. It would be wise for me to develop these time management skills before I go to class because I will have a ton of time less then than I do now.

Here's to you reader.

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