It's On Again

I made it to California.

This has been a goal of mine for years. Ever since I heard about what was going on down here back in Grade 11 (2011), I've been driven to see what it was like for myself. I'm so pumped that I have so much left to see. Especially since I've only been down here for a short while. One thing's for sure is that I'll have a history down here. Hopefully, that history will be lengthy and full of milestones. Spending time working towards my dreams has become very fulfilling.

One of my inspirations was "The Social Network". Some of the exaggerated parts of that movie actually do happen in real life. There are a few things that have happened down here that are very similar to what I've seen in the film. I'll leave some of those things to be discussed in the future. There's one part in particular where Mark and friends move into their first house in Palo Alto. It so happens that I do know a few people who have been living similarly to that first-house Palo Alto lifestyle. It's definitely visible in the horizon.

Something interesting has happened to me as a result of being down here. I stopped dreaming. Well, I still dreamt but not about the things that I used to. Before it was confirmed that I would be working in Santa Clara, I would dream of the flight to California. Not only that, but there were also some entrepreneurial dreams as well. I think what happened was I started living out the things I really wanted to do. It became easy for me to see the realistic path towards my goals. Every day I make progress to what was once a fantasy. The haziness of the old dreams faded away.

Recently, I have resumed dreaming about my aspirations. What a jolt. If I were a machine, it would feel like somebody flipped my on switch. I understand why it happened all of a sudden. Why did I begin dreaming again? The reason is because I fell into a stagnation. Yes I was still working but after work I resumed my old habits. Those are video games, movies, television and so on. They're good and fun but in my opinion, only in moderation. After becoming comfortable with those habits, I felt my future slipping away. Sure that may not be the truth of the situation but it was something that I felt. By taking a step back and reviewing my goals, I have been able to dial down the old hobbies and make new ones.

New hobbies

These will be the beginning of a new era, the dawn of my twenties. It is time to transition to hobbies that provide me with real-life benefit. Developing my coding ability is the first of the new hobbies. From this, I will build my foundation; the metaphorical house where one turns dreams into reality. No longer will the walls I created stand before me.

♪ Gotta grind hard, give it all you got. You can have, or you can have not. You see that a lot in the ghetto (ghetto) ♪ - Alicia Keys

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